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Established in 1995 as the Legalese, Rice University Pre-Law Society is Rice University’s official and only Pre-Law focused group. We unite students interested in going to law school, as well provide information concerning law school admissions, law school itself, and the legal profession. This is done through the organization of various events throughout the year.


The greatest asset of RUPLS is the diversity of its members. These students pursue an array of majors, from Philosophy and Sociology to Statistics and Computer Science, and are involved in a greater variety of clubs and activities on and around campus. We are not a uniform group, rather, we are unique individuals who share a common interest. Because we are all different, not only can we learn from the informational events organized by RUPLS, there is also plenty we can learn from each other.


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To educate Rice students about law school admissions and the legal profession.


  • Cultivate a Community on Campus

  • Host a Diversity of Activities

  • Be Relevant

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